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DISCOVER what your actual power needs are, what they will be in the future, and how that aligns with the rules set forth by your power company. Utility companies are changing the way your system works with the grid, so it is crucial to get a system that leaves the power company POWERLESS over you. People must work with a solar company that understands exactly how to do this.


The fact of the matter is there is no one size fits all system. Too many contractors are asking their customers to sign a contract before anyone knows the actual results the system is going to provide. The first person that visits your home should not be a sales person. It should be a professional tradesperson that completes a full examination of your home to bring back to an engineering team. Only then can an accurate design be completed and a true offer actually made. 


Find a company that can actually DELIVER on every promise they are making. There should never be a promise made that can’t be put into the contract. It’s a huge red flag anytime a promise is made that is not in bold black and white writing. People need to make sure the power production guarantee is legitimate, and not just a “degradation warranty” being disguised as a production guarantee. 
A Message From Your Host
Brett Joerger
CEO/Visionary: Westhaven power
Wednesday, June 22nd I will host a live virtual workshop for free. I go all out, and give you every important detail to ensure you get a solar system that provides you with reliable power and abundant savings. I will also give you the best deal that we have to offer on the system that is right for you. (As well as a ton of bonuses that will blow your mind!)